Smart threads need Smart Supply Chains

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Smart threads need smart supply chains

Power dressing as a concept began in the 1970’s and is considered as a style of dressing that establishes authority. Initially, the style was a direct reflection of male dressing – incorporating a pencil skirt or suit matched with more feminine accessories. Today the idea of power dressing has evolved to reflect personal style and to espouse the adage “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have”.From hipster style to active wear or corporate uniform, one's clothes not only provide warmth and comfort but can reflect the image you wish to portray. Until recently, fashion houses followed four key seasonal trends, releasing new styles in line with the changing seasons. Today, micro-trends are introduced every few weeks. “Shipping and logistics can take a month, if not longer,” said Vickie See, a partner at New York-based label Tess Giberson, who also consults on product development for clients including Burberry, Theory, Rag & Bone and Coach. “From the moment it hits your warehouse, you want it out the door as soon as possible. The earlier it gets in the store, the longer the selling period. Any delays caused by logistics can disrupt the entire season.” Increased performance pressure and burgeoning global demand for the latest fashion has spawned not only a multibillion-rand industry but also an intricate supply chain supporting this ever changing, ever growing market.

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