Smartphones need Smart Supply Chains

Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 11 May 2017 3:00:00 PM

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In the nineties, the world met Simon, the first smartphone from IBM. This was the first device to run software applications and have a touch screen. The device cost just under $900 and only worked within certain US states. Fast forward a short twenty years and it is estimated that there are more smart devices in circulation than there are humans on earth.There are more than 85 million mobile connections in South Africa, with 60% of the population using a smartphone. These devices are mainly sold at traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, creating a consumer orientated supply. Managing the last mile within a global, high value supply chain is intrinsically complicated. From managing supply bottlenecks, to ensuring that inventory moves efficiently through a warehouse and creating a fast returns process, the technology supply chain requires smart solutions from start to end.  At Barloworld Logistics we believe the supply chain is the key enabler of a successful business inspiring us to design, implement, manage and operate smart supply chain solutions that deliver on our clients’ strategies.

With the evolution of technology continuing unabated, the consumer need for the latest devices is only set to increase, and the supply chain will continue to evolve to support this burgeoning industry.

Below is an infographic with some interesting insights on the global smartphone supply chain.

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