From Cacao bean to Chocolatier

Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 06 Apr 2017 4:00:00 PM

Logistics of Chocolate

Since the earliest explorers packed cargo holds full of cacao destined for European shores, the global taste for chocolate has evolved into a billion dollar industry. Traversing the globe, the supply chain of chocolate is a complex one - connecting farmers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers on a daily basis.

With global demand for chocolate showing no signs of slowing, retailers and chocolate manufacturers are under pressure to constantly raise their standard of service. There is always a delicate balancing act however, between increased velocity and efficiencies whilst still retaining product integrity and service quality. Anecdotally, chocolate is one of the products most often purchased by South African consumers from convenience stores. At Barloworld Logistics we understand the unique demands of this trend, connecting people and their chocolate fix through a temperature controlled solution that not only maintains product integrity, but allows for quick delivery into the convenience sector.

With the global sweet tooth showing no signs of abating, the intricacies of this supply chain will continue to challenge all involved in the industry and a smart, integrated solution will remain the key enabler of a successful chocolate business.

Logistics of life inforgraphic - chocolate

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