The Valentine’s Day Logistics behind your Rose [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Barloworld Logistics on 06 Feb 2018 10:00:00 AM

Logistics of life - Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, we’re drawing back the curtain on the connections between the products and people behind your bouquet

From decadent chocolates to lush bouquets of flowers or over-sized teddy bears, people worldwide will be purchasing gifts for loved ones, family and friends this Valentine’s Day.

What most people don’t know is that behind every bouquet and gift is an invisible and perfectly orchestrated journey of logistics, most often utilising numerous modes of transport through the air, over the sea, and travelling by road and rail too. Consider the journey of a bouquet of flowers, grown to blushing perfection by our local Floriculturists. Each flower is harvested, graded and stored in a temperature controlled warehouse, then packaged for transport. Once ready to go, each stem travels from local flower farms to either the closest airport for export, or to local wholesalers, and then transported via road to retailers and florists across the country.

Creating a seamless flow from products to people is more than arranging delivery; logistics specialists find that understanding the numerous critical activities within this chain as well as each products’ unique temperate and transport requirements is crucial to creating the necessary connections.

Whether you purchase a card at the last minute on your way home, a special gift or an elegant bouquet of flowers, supply chain teams around the world, and the logisticians orchestrating the process from start to finish, need to work smart to ensure your perfect gift is available on time, at your preferred store for you to surprise and delight your friends, family and loved one’s this Valentine’s Day. 

Logistics of life Infographic - Valentine's Day

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