The Green Revolution

Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 24 Jul 2018 10:00:00 AM

The Green Revolution

Now in its 15th consecutive year, supplychainforesight is a Barloworld Logistics initiated survey that provides much-needed insight into supply chain operations and strategic issues that South African companies are faced with. The latest edition reviews the opinions of local business leaders regarding the adoption of sustainable business practices within the Supply Chain, and business in general, to create a snapshot of the state of green Supply Chains in South Africa. With Supply Chain operating at the heart of most industries, and indeed economies, the responsibility and opportunity for environmental action is great, and arguably one of the easiest places to implement for real progress. When the end-to-end Supply Chain is considered, from the sourcing of raw material through to distribution to the end consumer, many key activities can be identified for sustainable improvement.

In our latest supplychainforesight research we review the opinions of South African business regarding the adoption of sustainable business practices within the Supply Chain, and an interesting picture emerged. The majority of respondents indicated the adoption of sustainable business practices to some extent, however, these actions seem to remain very tactical and reactive. There continues to be low strategic support for environmental practices and resource constraints continue to hamstring the implementation of such. Furthermore, it seems that for most, there is little action being taken up-and-downstream from their direct operations and as such, the supply chain has a valuable role to play in creating cooperation across the value chain.

For this reason, we sought to review the global and local state of the environment, analyse the adoption rates and tactics used by local business, and spark thought as to how best to elevate carbon neutrality in the way we do business. This 18th edition of supplychainforesight should be food for thought for everyone, both personally and professionally. If we continue to produce, use and discard products in the way we always have, even if this is in an environmentally acceptable way, we will soon face the reality of a world drowning in its own waste, where raw materials have run out, and our lives changed forever. We all need to review our products, our supply chains, our suppliers, indeed every step within the lifespan of a product, to make sure that it treads softly, moves cleanly and leaves little trace behind. Only through coordinated, committed action will we be able to be the companies, the industries and the people who leave a better legacy than we inherited.

Download supplychainforesight “The Green Revolution” to learn more about the topic and results.

The Green Revolution

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