Think Global, Act Local: An introduction to supplychainforesight November 2017

Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 23 Nov 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Technology trends and South African Supply Chains

Now in its 12th consecutive year, supplychainforesight is a Barloworld Logistics initiated and sponsored survey that provides much needed insights into supply chain operations and strategic issues that South African companies are faced with. It takes a look at current and future business landscapes and goes on a journey of identifying what, and how, certain factor across the supply chain can and will impact business. It also educates local executives on the importance of supply chain management and how it should be viewed strategically to ensure business success.

The information age?

Described as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Information Age is propelling us into a connected, smart world where exponential technological advancement is the reality. The era is one of smart industry, where machines connected via the web to systems can not only imagine entire processes but make autonomous decisions about how to manage and improve them. Across all sectors, technology is disrupting the way in which companies do business. New emerging technologies such as robotics, 3D printing and autonomous vehicles are changing the way in which we work, live and interact.

The challenge?

From Supply Chain, to Procurement and Human Resources – organisations are grappling with how to incorporate, and adapt to, this new digital world.  As technologies become ever more innovative and cost effective, there pervasiveness and industry penetration continues to increase exponentially. More and more lagging organisations are decline with traditional business models falling on the altar of digital disruption.

What to expect?

In our latest supplychainforesight research we review the opinions of South African business regarding Supply Chain technology to understand and compare their priorities to global trends and garner insight into the psyche of local Supply Chains. In this year’s research, we gathered the thoughts and opinions of over 200 respondents, 40% of which are senior executives. An interesting picture emerged. Surprisingly, in contradiction to prior years, a low sense of urgency was uncovered amongst respondents, either due to a lack of understanding of key trends, or opinions that the likelihood of such trends impacting local business within the near future is small enough not to require immediate attention

For this reason, we sought to unpack key global trends, analyse the likely speed of adoption and impact locally, and spark thought as to how to best handle these inevitable disruptions to the way we do business – embodied in this supplychainforesight publication’s title “Think Global, Act Local”.

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