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Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 02 Nov 2017 8:22:24 PM


Logistics achiever awards

Logistics awards that matter

The Logistics Achiever Awards (LAA) recognise and reward organisations who have shown excellence in supply chain in Southern Africa. It is a renowned industry event with top Supply Chain and Logistics companies in attendance, those who have shown remarkable work in their Supply Chain initiatives and solutions and, more importantly, who stand out among the rest are celebrated for their contribution to Supply Chain innovation.

In recent years the impact of Supply Chain and Logistics processes on the environment has come into question with consumers becoming more and more concerned with whether or not these processes meet environmental standards when making a purchasing decision. Governments and Supply Chain bodies have since begun issuing mandates on the adaptation of these processes to minimise their risk on the environment.


The LAA Enviro Award is set to reward organisations that have taken this to heart and who are indeed implementing solutions to curb the impact that their Supply Chain processes have on the environment, one such organisation is the Barloworld Logistics Transport division.  The Performance Based Standards (PBS) pilot project which began in 2007 has since expanded to become the future of vehicle design and development. Pioneered by Timber24 and now in its fifth year of trial has covered more than 60 000 000 km’s, over 30% of which was covered by our Transport division.

Driven by our objective to deliver smart transport solutions, we are breaking new ground for Smart Trucks with innovative features that will improve overall performance of the transport industry while ensuring safety and efficiency standards are continually improved. The new Smart Trucks which are safer and more economical to own and operate are designed using sophisticated computer software which make use of simulations to test and improve the vehicles response to a variety of situations and emergencies that occur on the road. Their current fleet generates on average 31% less road damage per ton of payload and have accomplished fuel savings as high as 25% per ton of payload transported.

Outcomes on logistics

Through the use of these Smart Trucks, we have achieved a trip reduction of around 12 500 trips, saved 2 000 000 litres of fuel and reduced CO₂ emissions by 5 700 tons from September 2012 to June 2017. Our Transport division has, on average, maintained an overload rate of less than 0.2% and currently operates 60 Smart Trucks in various sectors of the transport industry. Furthermore, the Minister of Transport, Provincial Departments and various key stakeholders are in full support of the PBS pilot project.

We are very proud of our Transport Team on this excellent project, their win of the LAA 2017 Enviro award and their contribution to the industry at large!

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