Reverse Logistics in Waste Management

Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 09 Nov 2017 4:00:00 PM

Reverse logistics

When it comes to environmental economics and waste management, reverse logistics plays a vital role. Within this context, reverse logistics is the process that enables organisations to reuse, renew and recycle waste materials generated at various points in their value chain.

In simple terms, it is the removal of waste to be re-purposed in the most environmentally friendly manner, but when taking a more integrated view, the process can begin as early in the chain as reducing raw materials to be used in the forward flow from the point of manufacture.  

Reverse logistics differs from traditional waste management in that it adds value back into the chain by recovering and repurposing products, while waste management mainly focuses on disposal. Fundamental to reverse logistics is offering efficient, potentially profit generating, methods of disposing of end-of-life products and waste.

Thinking differently, pushing boundaries and making better use of resources is our way. We make a difference to your business and our communities by making smart use of matter.

Watch the below clip of Marilize Worst, MD SmartMatta, unpacking this concept further:

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