Barloworld Logistics Expands into Multi-Temperature Foods Sector

Posted by Barloworld Logisitics on 05 Mar 2016 1:47:36 PM

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By Press Office, Barloworld Logistics

Leading supply chain solutions provider Barloworld Logistics has expanded its service offering into multi-temperature foods logistics through acquiring 100% of KLL Distributors, and a controlling share in Aspen Logistic Services.

KLL is a multi-temperature secondary storage and distribution provider in South Africa, mainly serving the convenience sector and top-end retailers. Aspen Logistic Services is a primary refrigerated road transport service provider operating a state-of-the-art fleet - comprising in excess of 120 truck and trailer combinations nationally and cross-border.

“These acquisitions are in line with our strategy of servicing a growing market need for multi-temperature, multi-product, multi-principal and multi-drop network solutions,” says Steve Ford, CEO, Barloworld Logistics.

According to Ford, KLL’s competitive edge lies in its flexibility and agility in servicing its customers.

“KLL provides speed to market through frequent small drops, and an ability to integrate easily with national retailer’s ERP systems,” he explains.

The company’s three managing partners, Gustaf Oschman, Lizette Brooks and Stephen Herbert will remain in the business and will form part of its management team. Gavin Wilson, an executive at Barloworld Logistics, has been appointed to lead this division. Wilson has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and will spearhead its integration into Barloworld Logistics.

Aspen’s Managing Director, Dr Sujen Padayatchi, and his team will work closely with Barloworld Logistics to deliver smart, reputable and reliable transport solutions to customers throughout Southern Africa.

“The two deals will enable Barloworld Logistics to scale for growth in this sector, leverage our capabilities and offer more holistic supply chain solutions to a broader customer base - thereby extracting greater value for the market,” adds Gavin Wilson, Executive, Barloworld Logistics.

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