Cold Chain Logistics vital to the economy

Posted by Barloworld Logistics on 25 Jan 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Basic to the human condition, and indeed fundamental to our existence is the food that we eat, and arguably, our access to health care. Imperative to the successful supply of these two categories of product is a well-managed temperature controlled supply chain. In simple terms, the ability to move and store products at a temperature that retains their intrinsic quality is vital to the continued provision of such to consumers throughout the world.

Cold chain logistics differs from other supply chain activities in that each step along the way requires careful monitoring and control in order to maintain the required temperature regime. Vast industries within both the FMCG and healthcare industries not only satisfy consumer demand, but contribute greatly to our local economy.

A passion for product integrity, unrelenting focus on quality and smart temperature controlled solutions are what we do. Watch the below clip of Sujen Padayatchi, MD Aspen Logistic, explain the importance of a cold chain to the economy to get a better understanding of this important logistics service.



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