Maintaining Product Integrity with Smart Temperature Controlled Solutions

Posted by Barloworld Automotive & Logisitics on 08 Jun 2017 3:00:00 PM

Maintaining Product Integrity with Smart Temperature Controlled Solutions

Protecting Product Integrity with Smart Supply Chains

Within logistics and supply chain management, perishable food products make up a large and important part of the country’s supply chain. To serve this segment, specialised temperature controlled solutions are critical.  For logistics providers, the primary challenge is that the product integrity needs to be maintained across the entire value chain - from source to consumption. Yet within the value chain, there are multiple entities involved (usually not the same service provider) and hence multiple handover points. This makes determining the root cause of any deviation a challenge.

For businesses in the convenience and forecourt market segment, finding the right temperature controlled logistics solutions has become paramount to long term success and sustainability. At Barloworld Logistics, we seek to enable customers in this segment and provide a service offering that will allow them to grow and expand their businesses in a competitive landscape through specialised expertise in secondary storage and distribution for time and temperature sensitive products.

Smart solutions, better outcomes

For the product integrity to be maintained across the entire value chain, the different temperature regimes need to be catered for separately with regards to storage, staging and distribution. Added to this, the products need to be actively monitored and maintained at all times - with appropriate reporting and tracking technology. As the handover points introduce the highest risk for non-conformance, appropriate operating processes and methodologies need to be strictly adhered to in order to mitigate this risk.

When designing the right supply chain solutions for customers, we take into account the food safety regulations around temperature-controlled products. There is rigorous legislation that must be complied with, and hence we bring in specialised expertise. In the long term, dedicated expertise will ensure that the consumer expectations are met. With regards to food, this includes the quality and freshness of the product as well as the longevity (shelf-life). This also results in less waste and improved sales numbers for customers.

Harnessing innovation

Already, there are a number of innovations in the pipeline that will benefit supply chain specialists and their customers with regards to perishable foods. Current innovations include live temperature monitoring in vehicles and facilities, temperature probing at handover points and thermal dividers in vehicles (multi-temperature). Soon, we will also leverage the benefits of 3D temperature monitoring, individual temperature monitoring devices (i.e. the ability to track temperatures per item) and alternative energy solutions for maintaining temperatures.

A passion for product integrity delivers your product to the right place, at the right time, at the right temperature satisfying your consumers need for high quality food product

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